Let's Talk Paper and Media Shredding

As a dealer for nearly every manufacturer of paper shredders, we have become experts in finding the correct paper shredding solution to fit our client’s needs. We also provide on-site repair service for all brands of paper shredding machines. Did you know that Dumpster Diving is legal? if your dumpster or trash bin is out in a public space: curb, parking lot or unlocked corral, it is perfectly legal to go through the trash. Imagine the liability to your organization if confidential information were to make its way to the trash bin.

We have desk side shredding options:

MBM 2260   MBM 2240 FD8202 FD8250 FD8300

Desk side shredders are the best defense to making sure confidential information does not end up in the dumpster. We represent only the best quality of desk side shredders from Destroyit, Formax, Intimus, and Swingline. Our Desk side shredders are much more robust than what you will find at a large office supply store or retailer, and they are serviceable, many of the shredders that are sold to consumers through large retailers and internet re-sellers are throw away units.

Centralized Office Solutions:

MBM 2604  246-over 25-over Formax Auto Feed Shredder

Centralized office shredders are perfect for handling large volumes of paper with multiple users. These are great replacements for mobile shredding bins. If you are going to put paper into a slot for discarding, why not just put it directly into the paper shredder? Confidential documents are destroyed immediately. Why risk a HIPPA Violation or FACTA Violation. Besides when you use a shredding service, how do you know your items are actually being destroyed?

High Volume Shredding Options:

Formax 8902  58_118x150_intimus1487 36-over 38-over 39-over

This option is for companies who want to take total control over their Document Security Program. These centralized shredding options are perfect for in plant print operations who provide other services for the companies that they support.

Specialty Shredders:

4019_267x150_IMGA0654 4836_133x200_pacm_amb 4837_112x200_pet_amb

Specialty shredders range from hard drive and electronic media destruction to shredding cardboard to be used for packing materials and plastic bottle shredding for recycling. No matter what your shredding needs are, we represent all types of equipment to serve your needs.



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