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CubeX 3D Printers


The future is here. 3-D printing is now possible in your home or office. 3D Systems has released three different versions of their personal use CubeX 3D printer. The trio model, CubeX Trio, can print three colors at a time and comes with 3 cartridge, one red, one blue, and the other white PLA plastic. What is a 3-D printer exactly? Well, it works similarly to a regular printer, but it adds layer after layer of two possible types of plastic. Once the CubeX finishes printing, you will have a long-lasting plastic object. CubeX can print as fast as 15mm per second, which means a cell phone case would take about two hours. The 3-D layer of printing can get very minute, with a resolution as small as 0.100mm. The cartridges, usable with only the CubeX machine, are made up of either PLA or ABS plastic. Objects can be as large as a basketball. The software necessary to create your own design comes with the printer. You can choose one of the 15 premade designs on your software. If you have any questions about 3-D printers, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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