Turned Edge A4 Binders

Become internationally diversified with A4 binders. Fine graphics are offset printed on 100# gloss text with gloss laminate, then turned over solid chipboard for a sturdy, functional yet high-quality binder.  A4 binders fit a traditional European sheet size.

– Fits sheet size 11 3/4″ x 8 1/4″ plus 1/2″ index allowance
– 4 Round ring non-booster metal is standard

Turned Edge A4 Binders:
11 3/4″ x 8 1/4″Sheet Size  | No Decoration


Turned Edge Binders Add Ons/Accessories

TEAF11 Position Foil Stamp*
TEAF22 Position Foil Stamp*3.822.081.491.020.650.520.43
TEABE11 Position Blind Deboss*
TEABE22 Position Blind Deboss*3.822.241.601.090.700.550.46
TEAS11-Color Silk-Screen2.921.570.730.450.300.230.21
TEAS22-Color Silk-Screen6.113.311.550.990.660.500.47
TEAS33-Color Silk-Screen9.214.952.311.490.990.750.73
TEAC11-Color Printing3.541.841.200.690.290.170.16
TEAC22-Color Printing5.973.082.381.230.600.330.22
TEAC44-Color Printing**14.778.143.791.931.080.670.49
TEA005Vinyl Sealed Pocket – One 5″ Horizontal1.511.040.750.650.600.520.51
TEA006Vinyl Sealed Pocket – Two 5″ Horizontal3.042.071.491.301.211.031.02
TEA005BTurned Pockets – One 5″ Horizontal7.234.934.454.063.563.333.24
TEA006BTurned Pocket – Two 5″ Horizontal9.858.918.127.346.676.476.35
VSHA3Self-Adhesive Pocket – One1.511.040.750.650.600.520.51
A0081CD Pocket, sealed 3 sides1.511.040.750.650.600.520.51
A0082USB Pocket, sealed 3 sides1.511.040.750.650.600.520.51
A008Business Card Holder, sealed 3 sides1.511.040.750.650.600.520.51
A010Sheet Lifters – Pair 2″-1″0.680.490.470.450.390.390.36
A011Sheet Lifters – Pair 3″-1 1/2″0.720.530.480.480.410.410.39
A012Sheet Lifters – 5″ Flat0.720.530.480.480.410.410.39
A013Sheet Lifters – 11″ x 8 1/2″0.840.720.640.620.570.550.53
A019D-Ring 1″0.380.380.360.360.340.340.34
A020D-Ring 1-1/20.380.380.360.360.340.340.34
A021D-Ring 2″0.590.590.570.570.540.540.54
A022D-Ring 2-1/20.610.610.590.590.550.550.55
A023Angle D-Ring 1″0.700.680.630.610.550.540.51
A024Angle D-Ring 1-1/2″0.740.720.690.640.590.570.55
A025Angle D-Ring 2″0.900.870.820.770.690.670.65
A026Angle D-Ring 2-1/2″
A027Angle D-Ring 3″
A058Trigger Lock Angle D-Ring 1″1.010.940.830.770.660.610.56
A059Trigger Lock Angle D-Ring 1 1/2″
A060Trigger Lock Angle D-Ring 2″1.471.361.221.130.990.920.84
A061Trigger Lock Angle D-Ring 2 1/2″1.671.591.341.251.090.990.90
A062Trigger Lock Angle D-Ring 3″1.881.721.491.321.091.000.92
BOX4GShipping Box 1″-3″ Cap. Binders1.631.381.221.130.960.940.91
TEA015Round Euro-Hinge Scoring (ADD)2.422.252.031.751.301.211.12
TEA015SSquare Euro-Hing Scoring (ADD)1.771.441.231.060.820.760.68
TEA016Rounded Corners2.
TEA017Grommet Finger Pull3.192.452.081.571.401.251.04
TEMLAMMatte Laminating3.502.671.981.040.550.540.54
TEA050Velcro Closure 1 Round0.680.680.680.680.680.680.68
TEA050AVelcro Closure Pair1.361.361.361.361.361.361.36
A020Brass and Chrome Corners7.004.333.603.132.782.702.63
A018ABuckram Outside Wrap4.794.794.794.794.794.794.79
A018ASBuckram Spine Wrap2.422.422.422.422.422.422.42
A018BArrestox/Skivertex Outside Wrap3.383.383.383.383.383.383.38
A018BSArrestox/Skivertex Spine Wrap1.971.971.971.971.971.971.97


*Foil Stamping or Debossing Die Charge will apply. **Matchprint Charge will apply.

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