Thermotype FT-15 Foil Fuser 

THERM-O-TYPE has introduced a new foil fuser model called the FT-15. While the FT-15 can be used for many different foil fusing applications, it has been specifically tailored to meet the needs of the on-demand book industry. The FT-15 features include: variable speed control, 15″ wide paper path, single 500′ foil roll capacity, digital temperature control, manual on/off impression, adjustable foil unwind and rewind tension clutches, and six heated fusing rollers. 110 and 220 volt versions are available.The FT-15 is a handfed model with a straight paper path. The paper path configuration is important for customers running thick, soft book covers.

This model is fully compatible with both the new Freedom Foil and ThermoEmbossing Processes.

The foil fusing requirements for the on-demand book industry are unique and required a specialized model. The FT-15 provides the sheet size, paper path, precise speed and temperature control, and impression dwell necessary to foil fuse very high quality short run soft and hard book covers easily and affordably.

The new FT-15 is also significantly less expensive than the Manual and Automatic Foil-Tech models.

Using fusing foils and films mounted on standard 1″ cores also minimizes foil costs. For example: fusing foil a book cover that is 19″ long with 8 1/2″ wide foil to cover the foil image areas on the front, spine and back of the cover, would cost $.066 (6.6 cents) worth of gold, silver or metallic colored foil per book cover.

Keep in mind that this allows as much or as little foil being applied to the cover areas and does NOT require a metal die, special makeready procedures, expensive foil stamping press or special operator skills 

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