Standard EasyCrease Pro 14″ Electric Channel Creaser

The Standard EasyCreasePro™ offers superior channel-creasing capability across a broad range of paper stocks. Its convenient semi-automatic operation and desktop design create an ideal creasing solution for printed stocks that require a clean sharp fold. The exceptional quality and unique benefits of channel-creasing over traditional rotary scoring delivers clear performance advantages in preventing damage and cracking along a folded edge of paper stock. The Standard EasyCreasePro combines exceptional channelcreasing capability, remarkable productivity, and convenient semi-automatic operation in a compact desktop design. Ideally suited for creasing toner based digitally imaged stocks, the EasyCreasePro also excels with ink-printed images on a diverse range of paper stocks and laminations. The unique channel-creasing action of the EasyCreasePro virtually eliminates the common problem of cosmetic damage and imperfections caused by folding paper stock along an edge.

Product Highlights:

  • Simple Operation:EasyCreasePro™ has a clearly marked indicator scale for accurate positioning of each crease. Speed-Stops quickly lock into position along the scale to assure that each crease is positioned accurately and consistently from one sheet to the next. Performing multiple creases is particularly simple and efficient with the Speed-Stop’s unique rotary paper stop design. Additional speed and convenience is realized with electric foot pedal operation.
  • High Quality Results:To help assure optimal results on virtually any paper stock the operator can select between either of two precision channel-creasing thickness modes. The changeover only takes seconds. The selector knob is simply rotated to select either the narrow or wide creasing head. In one even motion the EasyCreasePro applies a high quality crease across the sheet. The result helps to insure that the professional image quality of the sheet and its printed image is retained even after being folded.
  • Convenient Paper Stops:The efficient rotary design Speed-Stops allow for quick changeover and simplify jobs that call for multiple creases.
  • Convenient Foot Pedal Operation: Electric foot pedal operation increases ease and productivity.


  • Process: Channel-creasing (anvil/die stamping)
  • Operation: Single sheet, electric semi-automatic
  • Cycle Time (approx): 3 seconds/crease
  • Maximum Sheet Width: 14.5″
  • Maximum Paper Weight: 14 point cover
  • Maximum Score Width: 14.125″
  • Minimum/Maximum Speed Stop Positions: 1.1″/17.18″
  • Crease Widths: 1.6mm, 1.2mm selectable
  • Scale Delineation: Inches (1/16″); Metric (1mm)
  • Standard Equipment: (2 ea.) Multi-position Speed Stops, Foot Pedal with Cord, Power Cord
  • Accessories: Speed-stop (paper stop)
  • Dimensions: 29″L x 19″W x 8.5″H
  • Weight/Shipping Wght: 49 lbs./ 52 lbs.
  • Power: 120V, 60Hz, 1A
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty, excluding wearables

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