Small Vinyl Ring Binders

Small Vinyl Ring Binders are perfect for directories, employee manuals, instruction guides, software manuals and cookbooks. The quality French Calf or Suedene finish vinyl can be customized by silk-screening or foil stamping your artwork.

Our Vinyl Contains Recycled Content

Small Vinyl Ring Binders:
8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ Sheet Size | 3 Ring | No Decoration

V05451 1/2″
V00262 1/2″10.659.638.548.488.168.047.18

Small Vinyl Ring Binders:
9 1/2″ x 6″ Sheet Size | 3 Ring | No Decoration

V00281 1/2″6.465.805.094.954.594.553.89

Vinyl Ring Binders Add-Ons/Accessories

VAF11-Position Foil Stamp*
VAF22-Position Foil Stamp*3.822.081.491.020.670.540.45
VAS11-Color Silk-Screen2.921.570.730.450.310.240.22
VAS22-Color Silk-Screen6.113.311.550.990.680.530.50
VAS33-Color Silk-Screen9.214.952.321.491.020.790.77
VAD44-Color Process Printing**+15.948.154.473.542.452.412.07
VA003Foam Padding – Front Cover0.920.920.890.890.860.860.86
VA004Foam Padding – Front, Spine, Back Cover1.861.861.771.771.721.721.72
VA005Pocket – One 5″ horz. or vert.0.570.480.410.350.300.280.26
VA006Pocket – Two 5″ horz. or vert.1.050.860.730.680.510.480.47
VA007Business Card Holder, sealed 2 sides0.450.
A008Business Card Holders, sealed 3 sides1.400.970.690.610.570.500.49
A009Label Holder – spine only1.451.030.730.660.620.560.55
A00942CD holders, self-adhesvie0.650.650.650.650.630.630.63
A00943CD holder, sealed 3 sides1.591.090.790.690.630.550.54
A0082USB Pocket, sealed 3 sides1.591.090.790.690.630.550.54
A010Sheet Lifters – pair 2″ – 1″ cap0.710.510.500.470.420.400.39
A011Sheet Lifters – pair 3″ – 1 1/2″ cap0.760.550.510.510.440.430.42
A012Sheet Lifters – pair 5″ flat for D-ring0.760.550.510.510.440.430.42
A013Sheet Lifters – 11″x 8″ 1/2 sheet0.880.760.680.650.620.600.58
A015Clear overlay – front cover ***0.990.860.760.710.680.670.66
A016Clear overlay – front cover & spine ***
A017Clear overlay – front cover, spine, back cover ***1.621.401.301.
A019D-Ring 1″0.390.390.380.380.360.360.36
A020D-Ring 1 1/2″0.390.390.380.380.360.360.36
A021D-Ring 2″0.620.620.600.600.570.570.57
A022D-Ring 2 1/20.640.640.620.620.580.580.58
A023Angle D-Ring 1″0.730.710.660.640.580.570.54
A024Angle D-Ring 1 1/2″0.780.760.720.680.620.600.58
A025Angle D-Ring 2″0.950.910.860.810.720.700.68
A026Angle D-Ring 2 1/2″
A027Angle D-Ring 3″
A058Trigger Lock Angle-D 1″1.060.990.870.810.690.650.59
A059Trigger Lock Angle-D 1 1/2″
A060Trigger Lock Angle-D 2″1.541.431.
A061Trigger Lock Angle-D 2 1/2″1.761.631.411.311.151.040.94
A062Trigger Lock Angle-D 3″1.971.801.571.391.171.050.96
VPAFCSP1Front Cover/Spine 1-Color ***2.821.931.490.860.780.630.56
VPAFCSP2Front Cover/Spine 2-Color ***2.821.931.491.161.020.770.65
VPAFCSP4Front Cover/Spine 4-Color**2.821.931.491.491.371.301.13
VPAFCSPBC1Front Cover/Spine/Back Cover 1-Color***5.643.842.981.710.850.630.56
VPAFCSPBC2Front Cover/Spine/ Back Cover 1-Color***5.643.842.982.331.170.770.65
VPAFCSPBC4Front Cover/Spine/Back Cover 4-Color**5.643.842.982.981.631.371.13
A0145Cncld Rivets 11″x8 1/2″ Sht size, 1/2″ – 2″ cap0.540.520.500.470.420.420.34
A014Cncld Rivets 11″x8 1/2″ Sht size, 2 1/2″ – 4″ cap1.121.090.980.940.850.830.81
A001Brass Clip1.
A053Pen Loop1.100.800.570.500.430.420.40
MONTMontana/Cortina Vinyl Outside Cover0.700.700.700.700.700.700.70
CASTCastillian Expanded Vinyl Outside Cover1.681.681.681.681.681.681.68
A020Brass and Chrome Corners7.004.333.603.132.782.702.63

*Foil Stamping Die Charge will apply. ** Quantities 50-250 will be digitally printed. ***Matchprint Proof Willy Apply. + Quantities under 2500 will be digitally printed.

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