Renz Super 900 35.5″ Wide Heavy Duty Punch Machine 

Heavy duty machine for continuous punching, perforating and grooving up to 900 mm (35.5″) punching width.

Easily operated by a foot switch. Can be operated while sitting or standing.

Horizontal paper insertion guarantees punching accuracy on wide formats.

This design allows grooving and tear-off perforation.

Quick and easy die change in just a few minutes.

Punching dies for wire comb binding, plastic and spiral binding are available in QSA execution (QSA quick size adjustment = quick cancellation of punch pins). Therefore it is not necessary to remove the die for format changes.

Due to the wide punching width, 2 part dies can be used allowing punching of books and calendars. Therefore, the investment of a second die is saved.

Significantly, the machine can be configured with two 350 mm dies side by side; one in 3:1 pitch and one in 2:1 pitch therefore negating the need to die change when moving between pitches.

Continuous height adjustment for reground dies, up to 15 mm max.

The proven design guarantees a long life span.


  • Heavy duty machine for continuous work.
  • Fast and easy changing of punching dies in just a few minutes.
  • Punching dies of most competitive manufacturer can be used by changing the mounting adapter.
  • Fast format setting with QSA dies.
  • Designed for large formats such as calenars, flip charts and oversize books
  • “Made in Germany”

Technical Data:

  • Working width:   900 mm (35.5″)
  • Format range punched side:   max. 900 mm (35.5″)
  • Format range unpunched side:   min. 60 mm (2,4″)
  • Punching thickness:   max. 4,5 mm (depends on the die)
  • Punching speed:   400 – 500 strokes/h (depends on the operator)
  • Paper feed:   horizontal
  • Grammage:   40 – 1000 gr./m²
  • Index cut:   yes
  • Exchangeable dies:   yes
  • Change of dies:   only a few minutes
  • Change of format:   punching pins can be deselected for fastest possible change of format
  • Variable margin clearance:   yes
  • Deselectable punching pins:   yes
  • Adjustable eccentric shafts:   yes
  • Machine: Lenght x Width x Height:   1200 x 850 x 1100 mm (47x 33 x 43,3″)
  • Weight: net / gross:   550kg / 1210lbs
  • Electrical connection:   230/400 V / 50 Hz / 2,2 kW

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