Renz SRW 360 Manual Twin Loop Wire Binding System

Combined manual punch and manual closing machine for RENZ RING WIRE® wire comb binding in 3:1 or 2:1 pitch

The universal manual punching and binding machine with the ergonomic two-lever system and easy-to-use auxiliary functions. 42 selectable punching dies, variable margin for adjusting to format perfectly, up to 36 cm. Punches up to 22 sheets (2.2 mm) and binds up to 135 sheets.

  • Ergonomic work flow from top to botton
  • Wire holder for binding elements
  • Comfortable and easy inserting of the pages when binding
  • Best cutting pressure ratio
  • Thanks to its modular construction, the SRW 360 can be upgraded with an electric drive, creating an electric punch and manual closing machine
  • Compact, strong construction

Technical Data:

Working width:max. 360 mm
Punching thickness:max. 22 sheets
(70/80 gr./m² paper)
Book thickness:max. 13,5 mm (135 sheets)
Punch and binding capacity:max. 180 books/h
(depending on product, logistics and operator)
Possible wire diameters:3/16 – 5/8″ (5,5 – 16 mm)
Pitch:3:1 or 2:1 Format
Punching:square holes 4 x 4 mm
Time required for diameter change:only a few seconds
Number of punching pins:42
Punching pins individually deselectable:yes
Adjustable margin:yes

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