Renz DTP 340M Interchangeable Die Heavy Duty Desktop Electric Punching Machine

High performance punching system for punching paper with operating width of up to 34 cm (13,5″). Simple operation thanks to foot pedal and vertical paper feed.

Very versatile with interchangeable Dies

Optimum paper format adjustment, all punching tools are delivered with punching pins which can be deselected.

MBS (Module Binding System) , modular expandable binding system for Renz Ring Wire® wire comb, plastic comb and coil binding. All MBS modules can be attached to the DTP 340 M for a high-performance, compact binding system or can be used on their own as a binding machine.


  • modules for inserting or closing wire comb, plastic comb and coil binding can be attached.
  • quick interchangeable units with a simple attachment system.
  • all modules can be attached in seconds, thanks to a simple attachment system.
  • binding capacity with a MBS module is up to 400 blocks/h.
  • compact and requires little space.
  • well proven technology, “Made in Germany”

Technical Data:

  • Working width: 340 mm (13,5″)
  • Punching thickness: max. 3,5 mm / 35 sheets
    (70/80 gr./m² paper, 20″ stock)
  • Punching speed: max. 20.000 sheets/h (depends on product, logistics and operator)
  • Paper feed: vertical
  • Paper ejection: vertical
  • Exchangeable dies: yes
  • Change of dies: in less than 1 minute
  • Change of format: fast change over time thanks to de-selectable punching pins
  • Variable margin clearance: yes
  • Deselectable punching pins: yes
  • Machine: Lenght x Width x Height: 36 x 49 x 25 cm
    (14,2 x 19,3 x 9,8″)
  • Packing – Length x Width x Height: carton / 58 x 46 x 31 cm
    (22,8 x 18,1 x 12,2″)
  • Weight: net / gross:  31 kg / 34,5 kg
    (68,2 / 75,9 lbs.)
  • Electrical connection: 115V / 60 Hz / 250 W

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