PT 335SCC B Multi

Slit, Cut, Crease Up/Down, Cross/Rotary Perf & Score

Built on the same platform as the PT 335SCC Multi, the PT 335SCC B Multi has all of the same capabilities with the exception of strike perf, bar code reader and dual direction cut mark reader. This floor model,automatic feed/slit/cut/crease machine with a maximum sheet width of 13” can perform up to 32 creases per sheet, has a 4” vacuum pile feeder, 9” color touchscreen, lead edge cut mark reader, ultrasonic doubles detect and interchangeable crease/cross perf dies.

The PT 335SCC Multi series has a choice of five creasing widths, as well as an array of rotary tools for perforating and scoring. For strike perf option, bar code/OMR software, cut mark registration in both directions see model PT 335SCC Multi.

  • 25 sheets per minute
    8.5” x 11” 2 cuts, 1 crease
  • 110-130V, 50/60Hz, 15A
  • Minimum 8.26″ wide x 8.16″ long (20.98cm x 20.72cm)
    Maximum 13″ wide x 26.5″ long (33.02cm x 67.31cm) 40” handfed (104 cm)
Feed Capacity4″
Feeder TypeAir suction Pile Feeder
Input Paper Weight150-350gsm
Input Paper Size8.26″ x 8.16″ (20.98cm x 20.72cm)
13”x 26.5” (33.02cm x 67.31cm)
40” Hand Fed (104cm)
Minimum finished cut size1.96″ x 1.89″
SpeedUp to 25 sheets per minute
Crease Depth Adjustment5 steps auto adjust
Crease Width Options4 .6, 1, 1.2, 1.4 mm
Crease DirectionUp or Down
Number of Slitters6, variable gutters
Integrated Conveyor Outfeed OptionYes
Cut Mark Image Shift CompensationYes, Lead edge only
Linear PerforatingYes
Strike Perf OptionNo
Cross PerforatingYes
Micro PerforatingYes 24/48 TPI
Custom Job Memory64
Double Sheet DetectYes Ultrasonic
Bar Code Job RecognitionNo
9″ Color TouchscreenYes
Built in Job CreatorYes
Warranty3 year parts and electronics

NOTE: Machine performance will vary based on stock weight, type, and specifications of the job being performed.

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