Pro Bind Thermal Binding Supplies

Thermal binding covers are the ideal binding supplies for companies that are looking for a highly professional and easy to use. These one piece thermal binding supplies have a one piece cover with glue down the spine. All you need
to do is drop your pages into your therm-a-bind cover and put the cover into your machine.

You can choose a thermal binding cover with a clear front, a frost front, a plain front or even with a window. Choose from Thermal Binding Utility Covers with clear fronts, Leatherette thermal binding covers, paper stock covers, or you can create your own covers with thermal binding gluestrips


  • Multiple Sizes and Colors Available
  • One Piece Covers Eliminate the Need for Cover Sets
  • No Holes to Punch
  • Multiple Book Binding
  • Simple and Easy
  • Easy to Mail


  • Financial Statements
  • Real Estate Presentations
  • Student Journals
  • Income Tax Documents
  • Insurance Policy Documents
  • Estate Planning Documents

Thermal Hard Covers

Create library quality books with our simple and easy Thermal Hard Covers. Covers are avaialble in different sizes up to 2″.

These covers are constructed from 100 pt chipboard and wrapped in various materials. The spine contains a glue channel that activates when placed into the Thermal Binding Machine, a Spine Crimper is required to ensure a tight bind as the book cools.


Standard Blank Hard Covers for Business Use and Plain White Covers avaialable and are perfect for Student Projects, Young Author’s Programs, Student Journals, and Self Publishing Projects.

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