Prism PC

Computer Control

The PRISM PC® computer control system automates the operation of each machine. It provides the ability to store cutting sequences and have the back gauge automatically position itself for each cut. Programs can be automatically uploaded from a network or with a USB device with CIP 3/4 files. No additional hardware or software is required.

The hardware and software for the computer control were developed by our C&P Microsystems division using the latest in microcomputer technology. All circuitry is manufactured to meet or exceed the highest microchip military specification standards. All electrical components undergo vigorous function tests as well as a computer controlled endurance test of the complete module.

Measurement can be entered into the computer, via a numeric keyboard, allowing for quick setup without moving the back gauge. All back gauge moments and limits are automatically set and controlled by the computer. Stored program measurements can be changed easily and quickly and measurements can be added or deleted as necessary.

The PRISM PC® computer offers the ability to record while cutting, thereby allowing the program to be automatically recorded while cutting the first lift.

The PRISM PC® computer can store over 500,000 programs. The use of a non-volatile memory storage system assures no loss of data in the event of a power loss. The computer control features CIP 3/4 compatibility and networking.

Measurement Display

The computer offers an easy to read digital display of exact back gauge position and the next cut position that is stored in the computer’s memory. Measurement can be displayed in the metric or inch system to three digits.

Measuring System

PRISM PC®’s industry standard direct rotary measuring systems uses a rotary encoder/pulse generator connected to the lead screw. Back gauge movements are transferred to the computer control electronically.

The system automatically compensates for wear on the lead screw, spindle condition or by changes in the back gauge drive mechanism. Therefore, the highest possible precision is maintained for many years.

Cutting Line Indicator

Optical (light line) and mechanical (clamp edge) cut line indicators are provided as standard equipment. They provide a visual reference of the cutting edge of the knife and allow the setup of a cutting program according to the printed image or cut lines. They also provide a visual safety to prevent cutting in an image area.

Chrome Main and Side Tables

The PRISM PC® is standard equipped with a chrome surface on the main table and also on all side tables. The high quality flash chrome surface provides a very stable surface and eliminates the maintenance necessary for steel or cast iron surface tables.

Air Table

Each PRISM PC® is equipped with an air table with built in blower. The air table provides a cushion of air that floats the lift so even the heaviest material can be moved, turned or aligned easily. The computer controls the air on the cutting table. The air turns on automatically when the back gauge moves in reverse. The air table can also be turned on or off manually.

One Hand Control

The back gauge can be positioned manually with advance/reverse-fast/slow keys for fast and precise setting of the back gauge position according to a printed image. With one hand control, the operator can hold the lift with the other, always keeping it in contact with the back gauge.

Back Gauge

The PRISM PC® has a very rigid and stable back gauge because it is guided on all four sides of the large table gib. Due to the design, the back gauge is carried (does not ride) over the cutting table guaranteeing long lasting precise operation.

Back Gauge Drive

The back gauge drive on each PRISM PC® cutter is equipped with a patented DC drive system.

Slot Closing Device

Each PRISM PC® is equipped with a slot closing device that covers the slot on the cutting bed and prevents the bottom sheets in a lift from being damaged or folded over by the slot. This device not only prevents damage to materials but also damage to equipment in further processing such as a blanket on a printing press if a folded sheet is run through undetected.

Hydraulic Clamp Pressure Adjustment

The infinitely variable hydraulic clamp pressure is easy to adjust and is electronically controlled. It offers a wide range of pressure with a low minimum pressure. A false clamp plate to protect difficult materials during cutting is provided as standard equipment and is easily fitted from the front of the machine.

Smooth Swing Cut

PRISM PC® has a smooth right to left cutting action so material is not forced against the side guide. The result is a smoother cut and prolonged knife life.

Knife Drive

The PRISM PC® uses a hydraulic system to drive the knife. The PRISM PC® is energy efficient in that the motor only operates as the knife is being driven down.


Each PRISM PC® is supplied with two new high speed steel knives. Carbide knives can be supplied on request.

High Speed Steel Knives

Provided as standard equipment are high-speed steel knives. High-speed steel knives are manufactured using tool steel, which is a higher quality of steel. The result is a knife with better accuracy and toughness. A high-speed steel knife is a stronger, more durable knife that has the unique ability to resist abrasion, stress, shock and impact.

High-speed steel knives will last up to three times longer between grinding than standard steel knives. This results in a reduction of downtime for knife changes with an increase in machine utilization. They will also reduce annual grinding costs with an increase in knife life.

Safety Features

Each PRISM PC® paper cutter has two-hand start and hold cut cycle circuitry with anti tie down and non-repeat devices to ensure safe operation.

Electric eye light barrier with self-check circuitry are standard equipment. The infrared light source which is used is long lasting and is not affected by ambient light.

Hydraulic and electronic overload protection prevents damage to the knife drive.

Clamping pressure when actuating the clamp with the foot pedal is mechanically operated.

Machine functions are continuously monitored with an electronic self check system.

PRISM PC® Sizes & Specifications

27i68.6 cm  (27″)
32i81.3 cm  (32″)
Specifications & Technical DataModel
Cutting Width68.6cm
Clamp Opening10.2 cm
10.2 cm
Max Table75 cm
90 cm
Front Table64cm
Table Height90cm
Mach Width131.3cm
Mach Depth196.1cm
Mach Height146.5cm
Net Weight1800 Kg
(3970 lbs.)
2000 Kg
(4410 lbs.)
Gross Weight2000 Kg
(4410 lbs.)
2200 Kg
(4850 lbs.)
3ph, 60 Hz
3ph, 60 Hz

PRISM PC® Standard Equipment

  • Electrical drive for 220 V, 3 phase, 60 Hz, AC
  • Electrical drive for 220/380/440 Volt, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz, AC
  • Main switch
  • Table light/optical cutting line indicator
  • Digital display
  • Measuring systems: inches; decimal & fractions, metric: Centimeter & Millimeters
  • Inch fraction input with automatic decimal conversion
  • Automatic individual measurement positioning
  • Manual backgauge positioning
  • Fast approach while positioning according to printed image
  • Motorized backgauge, microcomputer controlled
  • Variable hydraulic clamp pressure
  • Two-hand cut release, with time limitation and non-repeat device
  • Infra-red electric eye with self check circuit
  • Memory storage: non-volatile over 500,000 programs
  • Standard 12″ wide touch screen color display
  • Cut Counter
  • Programming with cuts
  • Chrome Table surface (main & side tables)
  • Air table with blower (main & side tables)
  • Table slot-closing device
  • Side gauges fixed, right/left
  • Removable False clamp (to be fixed from the front side)
  • Two knives each with its own storage board
  • Six plastic cutting sticks
  • Toolbox with complete set of tools, operation manual, spare parts catalog

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