Powis Parker Fastback Photobook Binding Systems

Powis Studio Binding System

The Studio Binding™ System by Powis gives everyone the power to make photobooks! With a price point much lower than other photobook binding systems, the Studio Binding™ System lets you make beautiful photobooks quickly and easily. Whether you own a print shop and want to expand the range of your offerings, or you operate a photo store that needs to stay competitive in the rapidly changing photography market, the Studio Binding™ System by Powis is a perfect way to enter the photobook market without breaking the bank.

The Studio Binding System consists of the Fastback® 9 Binder, the Powis Stitcher, and the Fastback Hardcover Guide. It is designed to bind duplex-printed sheets. This system is a stitched method of bookmaking, which helps keep even the most difficult to bind paper firmly bound. Because of the stitching, the pages rise up more at the center than the other two systems. For this reason, it is not recommended for books that feature panoramic photos that spread across more than one page.



Powis Photo Book Work Cell 

Until now, binding high-gloss paper commonly used in photo books has been a source of great difficulty. Traditional methods (like notching the pages and sewing the sheets together) are time-consuming and expensive.  Also, they don’t allow for full-page bleeds and true/aligned, full-spread images.

Powis’ remarkable StitchFree™ binding system takes a radically new approach to the problem of paper preparation. Its innovative splitting technique allows you to produce elegant, signature-like hardcover books using glossy paper.

Each Photo Book Work Cell contains the Fastback 20 Binding Machine, the Fastback Splitter and Fastback Hardcover Guide.



Powis PhotoPress System 

This fast and easy-to-use system turns single-sided prints into beautiful, distinctive photo books without using heat.

The Powis PhotoPress™ System combines the best of two worlds – bookstore-quality photo books, and handmade photo albums – into one powerful product. The PhotoPress takes individual singe-sided photographs (or ink-jet prints) and turns them into finished books that have the look and feel of fine photo books; best of all, the process takes a fraction of the time and cost of traditional album-making methods.

It is easy to use; anyone can make beautiful photobooks in minutes. The photos, combined with the adhesive CoolBond Signature sheets and endleaves, are assembled into a book stack. A quick cycle in the PhotoPress activates the permanent adhesive, binding the photos to the signature sheets. The book stack is then mounted in a Powis Photobook Hardcover. The result is a beautiful photobook, made from prints, ready in a matter of minutes. The Powis Photobook Hardcovers are considered the finest book covers in the photo industry.



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