Powis Fastback® Model 20 Tape Binding Machine

The Fastback Model 20 tape binder is the latest document binding machine manufactured by Powis Parker, perfecting various elements of its predecessor, the Model 15xs, making it the fastest, strongest and most versatile automated tape binder on the market.

In terms of productivity, the Model 20 will produce beautiful tape bound books in 12 seconds flat–a full 10 seconds faster than the Model 15xs and 3.5 times faster than traditional binding solutions such as comb, wire or coil. In addition to regular tape binding, the Model 20 quickly binds Image Strips, hardcovers, softcovers between 8.5″ and 12″ in length and features a low-temperature cycle that allows for binding delicate coverstock such as laser-printed sheets. Binds documents up to 1.5 inches wide.

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