Paper and Plastic Banding Machines

Do you need to bundle several items together such as postcards, brochures, small boxes and other materials? Consider using one of our high quality banding machines. These machines can be used with white paper rolls, brown paper rolls or plastic rolls. Simply insert your stack, activate the machine and let the banding machine do the rest. Most of our banding machines can be activated via a button, a foot pedal or via a photo sensor. We offer machines that use 500 foot tape rolls and other that use 2,000 foot tape rolls. These are high-capacity machines.

Model BP-11 fully automatic paper or plastic banding machine


TZ-888 is a fully automatic paper banding machine that can use either paper or plastic material. Simply place product under arch and press the start button or push the foot pedal or set to automatic mode and machine will automatically cycle via photo sensor activation.

  • Machine Dimensions: 16.7″ L x 13″ W x 16″H
  • Machine Speed: 20-25 PPM
  • Power: 110 volt

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Same as TZ-888 with arch and larger package capacity.

  • Pkg Width: 40-270mm (1.5”-10.5”)
  • Pkg Height: 5-170mm (1/4”-6.7”)

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