Packing Material Systems

WiAir 200 Inflatable Air Cushion Packing Material System

The WiAir 200 Inflatable Air Cushion Packing Material System is the only table-top machine on the market designed for use in a small business. The WiAir 200 is built from the ground up based on the unique needs of the small pack and ship operation. The WiAir is designed for the business that ships up to 50 packages each day.

The WiAir 200 system is designed to replace packing peanuts with inflatable air cushions as a void-fill material. The WiAir 200 is a table-top unit designed to produce air cushions at the time and place they are needed. No need to store bulky back-up material or accumulate material in a dispenser of any type.

The WiAir’s Major Benefits:

  • Viable alternative to Packing Peanuts
  • Void-Fill Material Cost Savings
  • Reduced Inbound Shipping Cost
  • Less Storage Space Needed
  • Lower Labor Cost/No Cleanup
  • Greater Package Content Protection
  • Ease of Operation

The WiAir’s Major Features:

  • Small Foot print (about one cubic foot)
  • Three easy-to-use dial controls
  • Portable (weighs only 33 lbs)
  • Operates unattended
  • One film roll produces variable sized cushions
  • 328’ film roll produces 50 cubic feet of void-fill
  • Solid-state, gear-driven construction
  • No maintenance or replacement parts required

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