L Sealer Automatic Systems

L-sealer_LA-460E L-sealer_LA-6000CS


Power supply 220V/1ph/10 amp 220V/1ph/10 amp 220V/1ph/10 amp 220V/1ph/10 amp
Air requirements 1 CFM @ 80 psi
Sealing area 17.75″W x 23.5″L 23.5″W x 31.5″L 18.75″W x 24″L 23.25″W x 33.75″L
Max. package size 12.5″W x 18″L 18.75″W x 26.75″L
Max. package height 4″ 4″ 7.5″ 9″
Sealing system Teflon coated sealing blade hot knife
Packaging speed Up to 25 p/m Up to 20 p/m Up to 30 p/m Up to 30 p/m
Max. centerfold film 22″W 26″W 24″W 27″W
Overall dimensions 33″W x 75.5″L x 60.5″H 46″W x 93″L x 69.5″H 63.5″W x 80.5″L x 49″H 73.5″W x 102″L x 51″H
Shipping weight 990 lbs 1,500 lbs 1,900 lbs 2,500 lbs


The DYNASEAL Automatic “L” Sealer System offers distinct advantages over other automatic systems: high quality construction, high volume, competitive pricing.

Advantage of the center-seal: On the models 5000CS & 6000CS come equipped a CENTER SEAL SYSTEM. Thanks to this feature, the seal head can be raised or lowered according to the package height.

If package height is more than 3 inches, the seal device adjusts to save approximately 2 inches in film width. This results in a huge saving on film costs.

Standard Features:

  • Motorized center seal system (LA-6000-CS)
  • Teflon-coated sealing blade
  • Continuous cycle sealing
  • Color Touch Screen control + PLC
  • Possibility of storing up to 10 different operation programs
  • Double adjustment of the sealing blade temperature, both lengthways and broadways
  • Possibility of packing single packs or multipacks
  • Speed of conveyors electronically adjustable from the control panel
Process Statistics:

  • Piece counter batch
  • Measurement of the pack length – Real-time output
  • Control of irregular packs – Reduced power consumption

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Dynaseal Combo Series



Power supply 220Volt/1PH – 30 AMPS 220Volt/3PH – 30 AMPS
Air consumption 1 CFM @ 80 psi
Sealing bar 16″W x 17 ¾”L 18.9″W x 24″L
Max. product height 3.9″ 4.9″
Conveyor speed 30 – 80 feet/minute 30 – 100 feet/minute
Average production 600 – 1800 packages/hour
Working height 31.5″
Max. roll width 19″ 23 ½”
Machine dimensions 58 ¼”W x 89″L x 63″H 67 ¼”W x 137 ¾”L x 63″H
Crate dimensions 63″W x 94″L x 71″H 72″W x 142″L x 71″H
Shipping weight 2,000 lbs. 2,500 lbs.

  • Single 220V electric plug
  • Easy to use all in one 5.7″ color touch screen + PLC control
  • Choice of vertical or horizontal photocell sensor to suit various product size and thickness.
  • Balanced heating elements (with separate temperature regulation)
  • Belt speed adjustable
  • Piece counter, batch production setting possible
  • Anti-Adhesive Teflon coated sealing blade ensure neat and firm seal without smoke pollution.
  • Selected electrical and pneumatic components from reliable international manufacturer
  • Able to pack single or multiple packages.
  • Advanced pin perforation device
  • Machine equipped with safety transparent hood one the sealer and safety-guard on the re-winder.
  • Shrink tunnel adopts advanced heater bank and adjustable high speed blower to realize re-circulating hot air, shorten the heating –up time and reduce the heat lost to ensure best shrink performance.
  • Shrink tunnel with standard live roller with silicon rubber.
  • Automatic shut off function can automatic switch off the power when the tunnel temperature drops below 70°C
  • Comply with CE regulation

  • Print registration device for printed film
  • In-feed belt conveyor
  • Out-feed free roller conveyor
  • Teflon mesh conveyor for the tunnel


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