Graphic Whizard CreaseMaster GW-MCP Manual Scoring Machine

The GW-MCP is a tabletop impact creasing and perfing machine that provides a simple economical solution for low volume or occasional creasing/perfing jobs. It creases and perforates on any angle up to 90° with a simple manual adjustment of perf, narrow or wide crease. The CreaseMaster is designed with the digital marketplace in mind. The system impact scores materials prior to folding, eliminating the problem of toner cracking on digitally printed stock. Traditionally printed stock that exhibits cracking problems will also benefit from an impact score before folding, ensuring a professional finish. Solid construction gives years of reliable performance. Graphic Whizard has a CreaseMaster TM that is right for any job and budget with five systems to choose from: The CreaseMaster TM Platinum, The CreaseMaster TM Plus+, The CreaseMaster TM Pro, The CreaseMaster TM SCP and The CreaseMaster TM MCP and MCOS.


  • A simple economical solution for low volume or occasional creasing
  • Offers the same multi-position creasing advantage as the CreaseMaster Junior
  • Two handles allow the operator to choose a regular or inverted crease
  • Solid steel construction
  • MCP creases and perforates on any angle up to 90o with a simple manual adjustment of perf., narrow or wide crease


  • Feeding System: Manual
  • Electrical: n/a
  • Max Speed (impact score):Approx 750 per hour
  • Max Speed (rotary perf/score):Approx 750 per hour
  • Max Stock Size:12.4″
  • Min Stock Size:5″W x 1″L
  • Stock Weight:12# Bond – 18 point+
  • Dimensions: 30″ x 19.5″ x 9″
  • Weight: 25.3lbs
  • Creasing Die:wide and narrow
  • Impact Scores:Unlimited
  • Impact Perf:Standard
  • Warranty: 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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