Gift Boxes

Make packaging stand out with gift boxes. This is a unique and creative way to package B2B holiday gifts, prize giveaways or fundraiser items.


– Paper Boxes printed on bright white 18 Pt. C1S

– Poly Boxes constructed from .023 gauge poly

PA43946 3/8″ x 4 5/16″ x 3 7/8″ with handle6.053.491.831.451.070.930.90
PA41039 15/16″ x 4 11/32″ x 5 27/32″ with handle5.943.431.791.411.040.900.87
PA42388 1/4″ X 4 1/4″ X 4″ rectangle5.983.451.811.431.060.920.89
PA40829″ x 9″ x 2 1/8″ square6.053.491.831.451.070.930.90

Packaging Add-Ons

PACKAF11-Position Foil Stamp *
PACKAF22-Position Foil Stamp *3.822.081.491.020.650.520.43
PACKABE11-Position Blind Emboss *
PACKABE22-Position Blind Emboss *3.822.241.601.090.700.550.46
PACKAS11-Color Silk-Screen2.921.570.730.450.300.230.21
PACKAS22-Color Silk-Screen6.113.311.550.990.660.500.47
PACKAS33-Color Silk-Screen9.214.952.321.490.990.750.73
PACKAS44-Color Process Digital47.8224.3113.3210.627.357.226.21
PACKAC11-Color Printing3.541.841.200.690.290.170.16
PACKAC22-Color Printing5.973.082.381.230.600.330.22
PACKAC44-Color Printing **14.778.143.791.931.080.670.49
PACKVSHA1Business Card Holder, Self Adhesive1.631.531.400.970.670.590.57
PACKVSHA2CD/DVD Holder, Self Adhesive1.681.571.451.030.710.650.62
PACKVSHA3Half Sheet Holder, Self Adhesive1.681.571.451.030.710.650.62
PACKA017Grommet Finger Pull3.723.352.572.191.601.471.31
PACKLAMGloss Laminating0.510.450.410.340.310.300.28
PACKMLAMMatte Laminiating3.672.812.071.090.580.570.56
PACKA204Molded Handle1.
PACKA101Pop-Thru Handle ***
PACKA227Molded Latch1.
PACKA227AMolded Latch Pair1.431.431.431.431.431.431.43
PACKA050Velcro Closure 1 Round0.710.710.710.710.710.710.71
PACKA050AVelcro Closure Pair1.431.431.431.431.431.431.43
A018ABuckram – Outside Wrap4.794.794.794.794.794.794.79
A018BArrestox/Skivertex – Outside Wrap3.783.783.783.783.783.783.78
A018CBonded Leather – Outside Wrap5.715.715.715.715.715.715.71
A035.035 Poly Gauge0.520.520.520.520.520.520.52

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