GBC System Three Pro SureBind

The GBC SureBind System Three Pro Electric Binding Machine is capable of binding almost any document up to 3″ thick. The SureBind System Three includes a heavy duty electric binding punch with hot knife binding head to permanently and securely bind your books using GBC’s 10 pin SureBind binding strips. No binding style is more easy or more secure than GBC’s SureBind binding system. This heavy-duty system easily punches and binds large VeloBind® or SureBind jobs. The timer beeps to indicate when binding is complete and is adjustable for faster turnaround on smaller presentations. Punch more efficiently with your choice of push-button, punch sensor or foot-pedal control. The pressure bar holds stacks up to 3″, or 750 sheets, in place while you bind.

Product Features:

  • Binds documents up to 3″ thick.
  • An auto punch selector lets you choose between three different punching options: push button, automatic sensor, or foot pedal.
  • Pressure bar firmly holds sheets for a compressed, professional bind. Automatically raises when binding is complete.
  • Bind speed indicator adjusts bind speed to document thickness..
  • Integrated debind feature lets you add or delete pages effortlessly after the document is bound.
  • Uses GBC 10 Pin Hot Knife SureBind Binding Supplies
  • 90-Day Manufacturer Warranty

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