Dynaclear ProPack FC-500 I Bar Sealer

Dynaclear ProPack FC-500 I Bar Sealer

FC-500 – I bar sealer

Heat gun – Model HG-04

Sealing arm length 20″ Power Supply 110v
Max. film width 18″
Max. film diameter 9″
Power supply 110V
Machine weight 30 lbs

It is for simple, convenient, and low-cost packaging. I Bar Sealer is a cost-effective way to package cassettes, compact disks, books, software, gift baskets, paper, pillows, linen sets, cookware, cosmetics, picture frames, prints, sandwiches, candies, fruits, not to mention thousands of other products.

  • Operation is fast and smooth: insert your product into the film, press the sealer arm down, turn the package to seal the open side, and shrink the film
  • It’s versatile, making possible the packaging of irregular shape packages and assortments of loose objects in any center-folded PVC, polyolefin, polypropylene and polyethylene film
  • Electrically safe, operating on household current with an extra heavy-duty, continuous-use transformer, a fuse to prevent shocks or overload, and an optional heat shut-off timer
  • Compact and simple, it’s shippable by UPS and ready to use with no special training


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