DVD/CD Packaging

With new technologies emerging at cheaper costs, you need ways to package them with your presentation materials. All our products are manufactured to protect your products from the elements while showcasing them. A paper CD or DVD holder envelope can be offset printed or foil stamped.

PA27395″ x 5 1/4″ Disk Mailer1.210.880.690.590.46
PA31445″ x 5″ Disc Mailer Sleeve1.210.880.690.590.46
PA34365 1/2″ x 5″ Disc Mailer w/ Flap1.591.080.790.670.51
PA37386″ x 9″ Disc Mailer1.761.220.900.820.67
PACDAC11-Color Printing (ADD)0.340.
PACDAC22-Color Printing (ADD)0.610.360.200.140.11
PACDAC44-Color Printing * (ADD)1.590.920.570.480.40

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