Count Machinery NumberPro Plus 18″ Numbering, Scoring and Perforating Machine 

The Count NumberPro Plus 18″ is capable of numbering, scoring, perforating and paginating, and is the perfect numbering solution for office applications that need to be numbered after the order has already been set. The NumberPro Plus is a tabletop “Top Feed” Friction feed Number-Perforation-Scoring machine, equipped with deluxe microprocessor, (1) 7- wheel Gothic reverse numbering head. With the Numberpro paginator, you have the ability to number without the need for collating. Numbering, scoring and perforating sets of forms is achieved quickly and efficiently in one pass by the Count NumberPro Numbering Machine. A frictionless feed system, together with a single forward numbering head, capable of printing nearly anywhere on a sheet makes the Count NumberPro a wise choice for your numbering and form finishing work. Economical, durable and accurate, the Count NumberPro Plus will be a reliable machine for your form numbering needs. Pneumatic Heads for this unit are also available.


  • Numbers 20-110lb bind stock
  • Scores and perforates forms up to 18″ wide
  • Stamps up to 8-layer corbonless forms
  • Forward numbering head
  • Numbers nearly anywhere on a sheet
  • Capable of numbering up to 19,000 sheets per hour
  • Stand is optional
  • Patented self-inking disposable ink cartridges


  • Duplicate Numbering: Yes
  • Triplicate Numbering: Yes
  • Consecutive Numbering: Yes
  • 4 Time Numbering: Yes
  • 6 Time Numbering Yes
  • 12 Time Numbering: No
  • Scoring and Perforating Capabilities: Yes
  • Power: 110V
  • Weight: 200 lbs.
  • Warranty: Count warrants each new machine against defective parts and workmanship. One year warranty on electrical and mechanical parts. 90 day warranty on numbering head. 5 year warranty on microprocessor.

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