Introducing the Dry Lam ALM 3220

The Dry Lam ALM 3220 will automatically feed, laminate, and trim Digital Prints virtually unattended, freeing you to work on other profitable tasks. When coupled with our ASAP film, the ALM 3220 becomes an instant profit-generator for you!

The Dry Lam ALM 3220 is truly unique and revolutionary because it eliminates hand trimming of laminated documents completely. With the Dry Lam ALM 3220 virtually any print facility, mail box store or corporate in plant print shop will have the ability to produce professional quality laminated documents at the touch of a button. The Dry Lam ALM 3220 does not require a dedicated operator and can be running your laminating jobs while you are able to work on other more important tasks.

We have received delivery on our Demonstration unit and we are currently scheduling on-site demonstrations for this unique and breakthrough product and we are excited to be selected as the Platinum Dealer in Arizona for this product.

Please feel free to contact us today for a no-obligation demonstration of this product in the convenience of your facility.

To schedule a demonstration, please contact us at 866-286-8904 or by emailing us at

Click here to download a PDF Information sheet of the Product.



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