Introducing the New Fold Over Integrated ID Cards from DocuCopy

DocuCopy® is pleased to introduce our newest ID card, the Fold Over style. Like our original DocuCopy ID card, the Fold Over features the same great integrated-card format for easy and economical printing. Like the original, it also features our exclusive toner-receptive film and embossing dots for superior runnability. So what’s the difference? The Fold Over card features:

  • Easy peel-off card with smooth edges
  • Fold over the card to make a card that is twice as thick as our standard card
  • The front and back of the card are on the same side of the sheet, for quick and economical printing
  • Stock 1 and 2 card sheets in bright white 90# Index
  • Custom options are available

Please contact us today for samples of the fold over cards or any other DocuCopy Product




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