Introducing Cut True Paper Cutters by Formax

Formax announces the addition of the Cut-True line of cutters to its Digital Print & Finishing Solutions. Each of the three Guillotine cutters features a high-quality hardened steel blade, LED Laser Line for accuracy, user-friendly controls, an all-metal stand, blade changing safety tool, and a variety of safety features.

The Cut-True 15M Manual Paper Cutter is designed to cut paper stacks up to 2.15″ high,up to 16.9″ wide. Features include a lever-operated cutting arm, geared clamping system, spindle-guided back gauge, calibrated scales for fine adjustments in both metric and standard measurements, and clearly marked guides for common paper sizes. The Cut-True 16M Manual Paper Cutter cuts stacks up to 3.15″ high, up to 18.7″ wide, and has the same features as the Cut-True 15M.

The Cut-True 22S Electric Paper Cutter cuts through stacks up to 1.75″ high, up to 16.9″ wide. This semi-automatic cutter features electronically-controlled two-hand operation, and electronically-controlled front safety cover. The Cut-True 22S also includes a spindle-guided back gauge, accurate to within .01″, with LED digital readout for added precision.

Cut-True safety features include front and rear transparent covers, blade lock, external blade depth adjustment, easy blade change access from the front of the cutter, and a wooden paper push for safe alignment.

Formax Cut-True Cutters are the ideal solution for transforming brochures, invitations and more, with professional, accurate cutting.

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