Introducing ColorFlare Foil Flaring System


Premium decorative effects for digital solutions
The Intec ColorFlare is a compact and environmentally-friendly, dual laminator and foil-flaring device, designed to offer an in-house decorative effects solution for short-run, on demand digital applications, as well as lamination for traditional litho output too!
With the ability to laminate and foil-flare straight out of the box, and with minimal training, this high-quality production unit will soon start earning its keep – and you a great reputation!Intec ColorFlare: Raising ordinary print work to ‘extra-ordinary’. ColorFlare has been developed to meet specific print-finishing requirements and built to exacting technical standards – with fully controllable pressure and heat processes, devised to deliver optimum results with today’s digital print output. Both lamination and flaring-film rolls are available in a choice of widths and lengths to deliver great value and cost-effective production – particularly when using the CF1000L model with its extended input table for banners and long media.CF1000The Intec ColorFlare 1000 is our entry model, providing everything you need to laminate and create high-end decorative effects for premium print.


The Intec ColorFlare 1000L boosts productivity and ease-of-use, featuring the superb ‘extended format table’, making production easier and also enabling the production of long poster/banner media.


The Intec ColorFlare 1000LX is our flagship model, including all the features of the CF1000L and the additional 2nd Flaring Roller assembly, enabling both Laminate and Metalic foils rolls to be loaded simultaneously – reducing your setup time and enabling much faster switch over. In addition, the unique additional Flaring Roller assembly enables dual metallic rolls of a similar size to be loaded for foiling of multiple different colors at the same time.




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