Powis Fastback Image Strips

The Powis Fastback Image Strip represents a new level of binding customization. Now every document you bind can promote your brand, enhance your image, and ensure that each prospectus, manual, proposal or report that you produce is a cut above the competetion. People will notice.

The savvy businessperson knows that every document a company produces should help sell their products or services. Yet, all too often, opportunitits are missed when it comes to office-produced documents. Documents created for others are ambassadors for your company. The better they look, the more you get noticed.

With the Fastback Image Strip, you choose the graphics, colors, branding and logos that are printed on the strip. Add Powis Fastback Clear or Composition Covers, and the Image Strip can take the most ordinary document and turn it into something special that everyone will notice.

With the introduction of the Fastback Image Strip, branding and marketing suddenly become a lot easier. Every document you bind instantly promotes your brand. In larger companies, strips can vary from department to department, reinforcing your image, brand, or special event.



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