Hands Free Paper Shredding is Here!

Are you tired of feeding the paper shredder? With all of the rules (HIPPA and FACTA) document security is more important than ever. Shredding services are convenient but can be costly, with no guarantee that your documents are 100% secure. Additionally, as fuel prices continue to fluctuate, the costs of using a shredding service continues to escalate. Shredding at the source is still the most secure method of destroying sensitive documents.

We are pleased to feature 3 new models from ACCO/Swingline and a High Capacity Paper Shredder from Formax. Each unit has the ability self feed paper for shredding. These innovative products allow the user to drop a stack of documents in the hopper, start the machine and walk away while the paper shredder does the rest, allowing employees to move on to more productive tasks.

Please feel free to contact us for further information about these innovative and time saving products.





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